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Events | 03 July 2020

The concept of 1:1 Concerts couldn't be simpler: you, the listener, sit opposite a musician and spend the next ten minutes in their company as they...

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CeeCee-Content | 19 June 2020

Lunch breaks are meant for relaxation, yet it’s all too easy to spend them just sitting at your desk with an unhealthy snack. Inspiring you away from…

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News | 25 May 2020

The new Berlin Decks lettering on the facade of the main hall can’t be missed. But what is not immediately obvious is that...

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CeeCee-Content | 27 April 2020

How past and future merge at Berlin Decks.

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Events | 04 March 2020

Before the first tenants move into Berlin Decks at the end of 2020, the space will already be in use, as the home of a greenhouse that is currently…

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Events | 07 February 2020

Developing existing buildings: Architecture students from Beuth University present their visions for Berlin Decks.

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