A seal of approval – Red Dot Award 2020 goes to Berlin Decks

Black, beige, pink and neon orange: walking from the Sprengelkiez towards the Spree canal you can't miss the striking colors and logo of Berlin Decks. This giant artwork which has covered the outer facade of the main hall since May is made of adhesive tape, a creation of Berlin-based art collective Tape Over. But it isn’t just passers by that have noticed this new visual concept: it’s caught the eye of the judges at the Red Dot Awards too. This annual prize honors the best in global brands and creative design and this year the Corporate Design & Identity Award went to Berlin Decks. Our winning concept is the result of close cooperation between the project team at BEOS and agency Cee Cee Creative – a dual effort calling for double celebrations.

The name Berlin Decks encapsulates the history and philosophy of the site’s location on Friedrich-Krause-Ufer, recalling the nearby water that once drove the area’s industrial growth while alluding to the numerous levels, floors and terraces that will feature in the upcoming development. The lively, modular and interdisciplinary nature of the site is present throughout Berlin Decks’ corporate identity. The typeface is based on the bold numbering seen on shipping containers, while the elongated lettering suggests the presence of two decks. The color palette is a reference to both the site’s history and future: the bright orange echoes the colors of industrial machines while the fresh pink is a popular shade for tech start-ups. These two combine to symbolize the campus-style layout of the planned site.

The Red Dot Award is a key international design award and has been presented in three categories since 1955: Product Design, Design Concept, and Brands & Communication Design. Berlin Decks was nominated for the latter. Under the banner "in search of good design and creativity", an international jury of 24 experts honour brands and individual projects for their unique design and creativity. This year – and for the first time online – 6992 entries from designers, agencies and companies from 50 countries were included, with 900 making it to the podium in the three main categories.


News of the win was a thrill for the team at project developer BEOS, who deliberately chose the site on the Moabit-Wedding border to break new ground in every sense of the phrase. Project Manager Tony Paumer explains: "Berlin Decks is a special project in many respects: with the campus, we are creating a lively place, combining creativity and craftsmanship from diverse groups. From the very beginning it was important for us that this approach was reflected in the visual language - so we are very honored that it has been recognized by an international jury. We are grateful to our agency Cee Cee Creative for their involvement in our logo and identity and are looking forward to where the journey will lead in future."