Going local: exploring Mitte, Wedding and Moabit with the Cee Cee Neighborhood Map

Lunch breaks are meant for relaxation, yet it’s all too easy to spend them just sitting at your desk with an unhealthy snack. Inspiring you away from the screen and out of the office is Cee Cee Berlin, who have collected recommendations for the most beautiful restaurants and cafés near Berlin Decks for a specially-designed map of the local area. Led by Nina Trippel and Sven Hausherr, the team have been sending out a newsletter with recommendations on Berlin city life every week since 2011. Featuring openings, cultural events and discoveries from guest contributors in the creative scene, their hand-selected mix of classics and insider tips is a must for your mailbox, whether you are new to the city or have lived here since childhood.


The team have now brought together their favorite places in Moabit, Mitte and Wedding. From authentic BBQ that makes you dream of Texas to hidden pubs, Persian snack bars and ambitious fine–dining, their selection takes you off the beaten track. If you fancy healthy, seasonal dishes such as marinated mackerel and fermented cabbage you should meet for lunch at Baldon, the chic canteen for creatives at the Lobe Block near Humboldthain park. This brutalist terraced building designed by architect Arno Brandlhuber is alone worth a special visit. Those wanting a Taiwanese street food fix can head to Cozymazu bistro in the Sprengelkiez, which is also host to St. Bess who serve up first-rate vegetarian pizzas. You’ll also find after-work pubs, cocktail bars and inspiring art galleries on the Cee Cee Neighborhood Map.

Looking for flowers and cake for an office birthday? A quick look at the map will show you the top local spots for finding the best gifts. And if you're after new workout ideas, you'll find them too with a yoga studio, climbing gym, CrossFit and an outdoor pool all around the corner.


At Berlin Decks, there’s an up-and-coming neighborhood with an array of places to try out and discover right on your doorstep. And this spirit of new beginnings and diversity is reflected in the design of the site itself: the campus is not a place of anonymous coexistence, but an active hub bringing together newcomers and veterans, large firms and fresh startups. Networking and flexibility are the order of the day, creating a community of learners all benefiting from each other’s presence, with flexible room concepts and workplaces to foster this exchange. And now, with your very own map as a guide, lonely desktop lunches will be a thing of the past.