Growing together: networks under glass

How do you turn an area that will change radically in the coming years into a place of togetherness right now? This question is currently the focus of Berlin Decks project that includes the new BEOS campus in Berlin-Mitte, due to open at the end of 2020.

Even before the first tenants move in, the location in Moabit will be filled with life, acting as a focal point for events and cultural happenings. In cooperation with agency Cee Cee Creative, whose projects demonstrate a deep affinity with city life, a unique temporary meeting place – a small house in a large hall – has been established a year before the official start of construction of the new Berlin Decks complex.

This heated greenhouse can now be used for a variety of purposes. Built from windows reclaimed from old Berlin buildings, its vintage appearance is intentional and is a symbol of the revival and transformation of the area. It will be used until the end of 2020 as a temporary home for events, cultural initiatives and sustainable collaborations.

The opening of the house was celebrated at the end of January. Despite the freezing temperatures, the Cee Cee Dinner networking event brought together personalities from the culture and business worlds. Sat around a long table surrounded by green foliage, guests were served an equally botanical three-course menu by Berlin catering crew Barkin'Kitchen, who combined seasonal ingredients with various types of algae. Over a glass of natural wine, the guests spent the evening chatting and exchanging ideas and projects with their neighbors.

As dynamic as the evening's guestlist is the approach that BEOS takes to its projects. Visions for new locations are imagined in an interdisciplinary way, because innovation is all about breaking new ground. And where can you grow ideas and cultivate interdisciplinary collaboration better than in a greenhouse?