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Olivia Steele is a well known international artist who shows her art between Hollywood and Mexico and also has her own studio in Berlin . Renowned New York NEON light artist Olivia Steele will present her neon installation titled “There Are Far Better Things Ahead Than Any We Leave Behind.” Olivia Steele’s work questions societal changes and puts them in a critical light. Through the power of light and the power of words, the artist creates contrasting and contradictory works that leave room for multiple interpretations. As an open, inclusive, and attractive public space, the BERLIN DECKS showcase this light art form to be seen by all citizens, even during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Describe your work and your mission in under 30 seconds: 

I would call my art a new breed of Conscious Art. My work really is a synthesis of words and lights and signage and I believe my work as an artist is to turn my dreams into responsibilities.  I do this through the harnessing of this novel neon gas in combination with very short, profound handwritten truisms that really open portals in your mind. It’s the kind of art, that makes you think.

As for my mission: I really endeavor to empower individuals through the use of these inner musings and ancient wisdom. My art really invites a moment of self reflection and it can radically shift your perspective, when you least expect it.


Between the two phrases „Grow.“ And „Together.“: Which phrase means more to you and what does it mean to you personally?

Personal growth is really everything for me. It’s become a fulltime job I have to say and I find personal growth as a prerograser to togetherness. Growth is essential and never ending. You can’t truly love or help another until you truly love and help yourself. But they go hand in hand. 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


We have chosen your works for Berlin Decks because light art is an art form with such an accessible and open entry. Your works are so evocative and emotional. What emotion and experience is it, that you want to evoke?

Well indeed the nature of my art is quite emotional and evocative. Each installation really commands a different rational experience. 

From feelings of love and awe to feelings of empowerment and inspiration.

But I want you to be moved or even triggered. There is a vast, a rare interpretation someone can have, it’s really a full spectrum of experience. I do hope to evoke a very unexpected moment of honest self reflection, perhaps even a revelation, but above all i really want you to be touched.


Your Artwork “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind “ is being shown in cooperation with the local artist Stefan Damnig. How does a project like this with local artists from Berlin enrich you personally?

A project like this combining the flavor and the telling of a local artist in such a location is way better in a community and hopefully encourages other young artists to support each other obviously. Obviously together is better.

But I think the two really go hand in hand and the context and the synergy of the two is a really beautiful thing. The combination of art, the two media and the landscape is a really powerful tool to live around and work and also to inspire the next generation.


Your studio in the former east of Berlin embodies a very inclusive community character. Before Corona, you had a lot of events there: From open studio visits to breathwork workshops and yoga sessions and all of that in the center of your workspace. In what way does the community idea, which can be found everywhere in your studio in Berlin, shape your work?

In the way that happiness is only real when shared. So is my space and my work is a lot based around community. I love hosting. I am really inspired by serving my community and my friends and my family. It’s what gives me the most joy and pleasure in life. As my father always says to whom much is given, much is expected. I definitely feel a sense of responsibility to share what I have and to give back to my community. And sharing my space and my medicine in the form of these intimate gatherings, workshops and soundbaths is quite special and gives me a lot back and I love to see people with on when they come into my Vortex- the space was really made for that.


In our digital world we are exposed to phrases, letters and short sentences all day – Why are short messages so powerful?

These short messages are so powerful because with our attention span so short these days, constant distraction and sensory overload, you don’t have a lot of time to keep or get someone’s attention. The use of short, punctuated statements have to be the only efficient and effective memorable way to really purse and polarize and it’s also much easier to interpret and understand and thus interrogate when it’s shorter. And thats a big reason why I work with these one liners and truisms. It’s really to say it is all without saying too much. Cause thats what it all cuts through.

Interview conducted by Svea Fina.

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