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Svea Fina is founder and managing director of FINA-DIGITAL LTD. The content agency, headquartered in New York, develops strategies, concepts and content to show companies their potential, open up new product and sales channels and accompany them through these complex change processes. BERLIN DECKS has been a matter of the heart for Svea Fina from the very beginning. Besides the innovative character, it is also the aspect of sustainability that makes BERLIN DECKS harmonize perfectly with the philosophy of FINA-DIGITAL LTD.

Introduce yourself and your mission in under 30 seconds

I’m Svea Fina, founder and CEO of Fina Digital. We specialize in content marketing and storytelling and work with a team of about 35 team members scattered around the world. We are now headquartered in New York City and are at home in the entire world of storytelling / content marketing. Of course, this is especially fun if the story is also good. If the product and company is really there, great and unique – and we didn’t have to look far here. The project with BERLIN DECKS was “Love at first sight” and that just makes us proud to work for the project and the initiators.

It is not important for us to do many projects, but that the projects we choose also correspond to our values and that is what we found here. BERLIN DECKS combines high values of sustainability, social action, innovation and creativity. It’s a perfect match.


Which of the two words “Grow” and “Together” means more to you and what does that mean to you personally?

We always ask ourselves at the beginning of every project: what is the purpose of the company and the project. Here, the task and challenge for us was to look: What should really be at the heart of the campus? It will be innovative in terms of construction, but we also wanted it to be innovative and sustainable in terms of the community that will be created here. That means creating a heterogeneous tenant environment. Because we have tenants here, some of whom need artist studios, a warehouse or a studio. At the same time, we can offer a home to large companies in the digital sector, as well as healthcare providers who may need a laboratory. So we want this very heterogeneous environment to grow together. That doesn’t just mean growing together economically, so to speak, the individual companies with their economic goals, but also that the employees of the companies feel comfortable here. So that there is also personal growth here, which is super important here, and that a nice, diverse, open environment is created. That doesn’t just mean in terms of the tenants, but also in terms of the campus, which is adjacent to 3 neighboring neighborhoods in Berlin.

We are also intensively engaged with the associations, with the authorities, with the smaller artist studios and providers and try to see: How can we also grow together here and give these adjacent companies and providers the opportunity to find a place here where they can recharge. It will be very green, a testing center will come to the center and the exchange from the neighboring neighborhoods will be promoted, and thus also a piece of Berlin as a location further developed and that is a responsibility that we want to meet very gladly.


What particularly convinced you about BERLIN DECKS?

From the very beginning, we were convinced by the fact that the topic of sustainability is not only related to construction. Sustainability is not just written down as a value, but is really lived here. Having worked for Tony Paumer, his team and BEOS AG for several months now, we really see those values. We are convinced by the trust, loyalty and commitment to sustainability that is evident here, which we find very inspiring.


What is your vision of BERLIN DECKS?

My vision of BERLIN DECKS is to create a place where people feel comfortable, where a lot of diversity is created, a lot of openness, a lot of positive growth and “growing together”.

Berlin is developing rapidly. The current world situation has made Berlin even more attractive as a location. There is so much talent, creativity, excellence and innovative spirit here.

At the same time, there is also more and more venture capital here. I expect that there will be a lot of new companies here in the next few years. At the same time, many customers, such as Netflix, are discovering Berlin as a location for themselves, are moving here, and are experiencing this diversification for themselves. Just like the preservation and expansion of associations, authorities, or smaller providers in this environment. That’s what we want to bring together here, and we want to create a beautiful culture and a campus that will have a special appeal beyond the borders of Berlin.


What are your expectations for the project?

We have very high standards for the project. Similar to the construction manager and BEOS AG have a high demand on sustainability and the tenants they address, we have a high demand on communication and the community that will be created here.

We also want to combine the value of sustainability, innovation, creativity and social action here and promote and nurture that not only initially, but throughout the entire period. This is very important to us and we believe that only then can we really create this place in a sustainable way, where people like to spend time and that goes beyond the tenants, including those in the neighboring neighborhoods.

In that respect, this project is also a bit different from some of the other projects we manage, where it might be about a digital product. And we find that super exciting, because it’s also about helping to develop the city here. It makes us very proud to be a part of that.

The interview was conducted by Alice Müller.

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