Right in the middle of the creative capital –

The whole world comes to Berlin, where new companies and fresh ideas are born every day.

A tradition of production

Berlin is the center of the start-up scene in continental Europe – every day a new venture is created in the German capital. More and more national and international companies have recognized the potential of this unique city, which builds relationships between technology, enterprise, culture and urban life in a myriad of ways. Places where these different aspects of professional life come together have a long tradition: as early as the turn of the 20th century, companies such as the Konsum retail chain and Siemens developed campus sites for simultaneous design and production.

A place of constant change

Berlin is a place that is continually reinventing itself: where large companies once dominated, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises now flourish, with annual sales of around €25 billion in 2017. Meanwhile more and more global players are settling in Berlin by establishing individual divisions and departments. But new ideas need not only space, but inspiration too. Berlin Decks is a centrally-located campus that brings creative companies together and enables them to develop and manufacture products directly on site, helping to drive this economic development. Berlin Decks is as dynamic as the city itself.