From brainstorming to a final product –

Berlin Decks connects and responds to the realities of the modern workplace

Unique solutions

The campus offers a range of spaces designed to meet the individual needs of modern working environments. Whether traditional office space and conference rooms or contemporary coworking and networking locations, Berlin Decks offers the perfect facilities for innovative new workplaces.

At Decks, Industry 4.0 firms can directly implement their concepts. The site’s architectural characteristics - high ceilings, flexible floor load-bearing capacities and functional service and development facilities - make it ideal for the complex requirements of production and re-search and development.

Shared development

The large inner courtyard that lies at the heart of the campus also promotes synergies. All parts of the building are interconnected via the promenade deck and function as terraces, meeting points and green recreation areas.

It is in this spirit that Berlin Decks is creating a campus for the workplace of the 21st century, bringing together what belongs together: young, dynamic, experienced, creative firms that benefit from one another. In five buildings that stretch to more than 40,000 square meters, the site will see products and concepts developed from their initial idea through to end completion.